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Precision Meets Tradition in Molding Match – Expertly matching historical and contemporary molding designs to elevate your space with seamless beauty.

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Crafted Visions: A Showcase of Molding Matchs Excellence

Who We Are

Over two Decades of Woodworking Excellence

At Tri-County Millwork, our journey began over 20 years ago with a passion for exceptional woodwork. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of our success, making us a trusted name in custom woodwork.

History and Evolution

From our inception over three decades ago, we’ve evolved from a small workshop into a leading reference in custom woodworking. Our journey is marked by continuous growth, driven by our passion to transform wood into art.

Design and Production Philosophy

Our philosophy melds traditional woodworking art with modern, innovative techniques. Each project is an opportunity to create something unique, always respecting the material and timeless design.

Commitment to High Quality​

At Tri-County Millwork, superior quality is our core philosophy. As proud AWI members, we craft wood products that surpass industry standards, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Team of Skilled Artisans

Our team comprises highly skilled artisans, each bringing a unique set of skills and experience. They are the heart of our company, dedicating themselves to every detail to ensure the highest quality in each piece.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Molding Match

Molding Match involves precisely replicating existing molding designs, ensuring a perfect match for renovations, restorations, or extensions. This service caters to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of spaces by matching new moldings to existing patterns, textures, and colors.

We utilize a combination of skilled craftsmanship, detailed analysis, and modern technology to replicate the intricate details of existing moldings. This meticulous process includes material selection, profiling, and finishing techniques to achieve a seamless match.

Yes, our expertise spans a wide range of architectural styles and periods. From historic to contemporary, we can match moldings from any era, preserving the character and continuity of your space.

Our capabilities include working with a variety of materials, including wood, plaster, and composite materials, to best match the original moldings’ look and feel.

Absolutely. Our molding match service is ideal for commercial properties looking to preserve or enhance their architectural details while undergoing renovations or restorations.

The timeline can vary based on project complexity and scope. We strive to complete each project efficiently, without compromising on the quality of the match.

Begin by contacting us with details of your project. We recommend providing photographs or samples of the existing moldings for a preliminary assessment, followed by a consultation to discuss your specific needs and timeline.